Supporting Families With Children Who Have Special Needs


Family Support Network

Of Southern Piedmont

NICU Support


Project Baby Reach


With funding from the Cabarrus Partnership for Children, Family Support Network of Southern Piedmont provides information to families with infants born at CMC-Northeast.  Families receive information about their child’s developmental milestones and  who to call if their child is not meeting them. 


Families with medically fragile babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) receive Care Notebooks to help organize their child’s medical information.  Our NICU Program Coordinator meets one-to-one with families in the unit and coordinates the weekly NICU Parent-to-Parent Support Group.  The support group gives families an opportunity to meet other families over dinner.  Sometimes there is a presenter, sometimes they work on a craft for their child and sometimes they just hang out and talk.  With the roller coaster of emotions that families go through when their child is in the NICU, the support group helps parents relax and learn new information that will help them take care of their baby when they transition home.


NICU parents are often matched with a “parent mentor.” Parent Mentors are volunteer parents who have had NICU experience with their child and are willing to be matched one-to-one with a family to help make their NICU experience less stressful.









If you have had a child in the NICU and would like to volunteer to mentor parents new to the NICU experience, please give us a call at 980-522-8740 for information on training opportunities.